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project 1

Holy Gladiators

AbstractThe game initially had 8 characters to be selected (4 free and 4 paid). All characters would come with full skills and there would be no level and experience. Each character would have specific skills and items, but depending on the character, some items (equipment) could be shared. Equipment could be bought in stores or dropped from strong dungeon monsters. At first, the player could choose as many characters as he wants and start the game.After choosing the desired character, the player could enjoy different scenarios. The initial scenario could be a kind of map showing all the other possibilities. These other scenario possibilities are: Arena, Dungeons, Shop, Trade Center and True Money Center. Note: In this page could contain the information of the game on top and also the character that is currently being selected (skills, equipment, items, etc.).
ArenasEach character could have 4 skills (q, w, e, r) and also the ability to defend (defensive posture) (a) and create various combos (s, d, f). We could increase a mix of skills and combos too if it possible. The arenas would be places where players would fight each other for themselves or group x group. By winning the arena competition the player would win money, resurrection stone and the dropped items of the opponent they kill. When someone dies in the arena, some common item (which can be dropped) would be dropped and the player who killed could pick up the item for him. When a character dies either in the arena or in the dungeons, he would have to spend a resurrection stone to resurrect his holy gladiator. The resurrection stones could be dropped from monsters in the dungeons (10%), and also from players in the arena itself (20%). It would not have in stores, so a player without resurrection stones would have the character dead and would have to create a new one, go in the dungeons and pick up new resurrection stones to revive his other holy gladiators. The creation of special items that could not be dropped in the arena would also be something crucial.
DungeonsThe dungeons would serve for the player to earn gold, resurrection stones and equipment. The stronger the monster, the more likely it is to have good equipment, and the greater the need to build a strong group. When a character dies it could be resurrected and continue where it left off, but the bosses would recover their life completely.
StorePlace where players could buy various equipments for their holy gladiators. It is interesting that the equipment appears to modify the appearance of the characters. Let's make an effort for this.
Trade CenterPlace where the players could create their stores and sell any type of equipment or item for gold or even real money
True money centerLocation where the player could buy dollars that could be used to purchase new paid holy gladiators and also to purchase various items (equips). Some items (equips) could only be bought with dollars, others, more common or stronger, only with gold (only that much gold in the case of the strong ones), and others could be bought with gold or dollars.
CharactersGladiator - Lancer - Protector - Builder (Free) Cyber Ninja - Holy Knight - Holy Swordsman - Psy Monk (Paid) - it would be interesting to put the cyber ninja and the holy Knight can be bought with gold tb.
project 4

The Evolution of Chess

AbstractTurn-based battle game based on games like Final Fantasy Tactics (ps1), the extinct Dofus Arena (PC), Duelyst (PC) and the old and famous Chess. The player must build his army of holy gladiators to face other players. 4 standard races and 20 standard classes.
Monetiz.Sell legends / classes / different colors to the army as black and white.
project 7

Colored Crazy Ninjas

StyleAction/Battle/Team Battle
AbstractThe idea is to make several ninjas of different colors with combos, skills and ultimates themselves. Each player could choose a ninja who by killing other players will earn money (gold) to buy new weapons and experience (to get new skills in the dojo).
Modes and Options There would be a mode all against all (pvp - normal) And also team battle mode (pvp where ninjas of the same color do not kill the ninjas of their own color). Store: A place where players could buy new weapons. Dojo: A place where players could buy new combos, skills and ultimates specific to their color.
Monetiz.The white ninja and the black ninja would have to be bought. The gray ninja could be bought with gold (game money). All weapons could be bought with gold, but some could also be bought with money. Maybe we could put some that can be bought only with money (not necessarily the most buggy ...). In the dojo, the skills would be obtained according to the experience acquired by the player in the battles.
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