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What We Do?

Creation of game projects, websites, e-commerce, images, logos and digital marketing campaigns

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Game Projects

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Web Sevices

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Judah Lion Games presents:

The most played online games in the world gathered on one site for you.

project 1

League of Legends

StyleAction/Strategy/Team Battle
Playersabout 27 million active daily players
DateOctober 27, 2009
Click here to play LoL
project 2

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

StyleAction/FPS/Team Battle
Playersabout 9 million active daily players
DateAugust 21, 2012
Click here to play CS GO
project 3


Players70 million + (total)
DateMarch 11, 2014
Click here to play Hearthstone
project 4

World of Warcraft

Players more than 10 million subscribers
Datenovember 23, 2004
Click here to play WoW
project 5


StyleAction/FPS/Team Battle
Players 20 million unique registered players
Datemay 24, 2016
Click here to play Overwatch
project 6

PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Players about 6 million
Datemar 23, 2017
Click here to play PUBG
project 7

Dota 2

StyleAction/Strategy/Team Battle
Playersabout 13 million active daily players
DateJuly 9, 2013
Click here to play Dota 2
project 8


Playersabout 55 million active monthly players
Datemay 17, 2009
Click here to play Minecraft
project 9

World of Tanks

Players110 million + (total)
Dateaugust 12, 2010
Click here to play WoT

Who We Are?

We are a group that is currently more focused on web services, but we are striving for our game projects to become real and very fun games.

team 1

Leonardo Carvalho

Game/web Designer

Skills: Game projects creation, Html, digital marketing and e-commerce. Learning: Python and C#.

team 1

Ramon K. Borges


Skills: Creation of images, logos, banners, Photoshop, Illustrator. Learning: audio production skills.

team 1

Eliana Paz


Skills: Digital marketing.

Contact Us

We have many game projects. If you are a programmer or 3d artist join us! If you want a e-commerce or any kind of website, a digital marketing plan or a logo you can contact us too.

SCLRN 708, Brasília-DF: 70740-556

+55 61 9 9345 2083 - Brazil